Compiling QCTOOL v1

Compiling QCTOOL v1

Here are specific instructions to download and compile the QCTOOL v1 version. Note this is now unsupported but I am preserving this information for posterity.

  1. Clone the QCTOOL release branch with hg clone -b qctool-release ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/gavinband/qctool and cd into the qctool directory.
  2. Run ./waf-1.5.18 configure --static
  3. Then run ./waf-1.5.18 to build qctool.

The executable appears in build/release/qctool-v1.4.

QCTOOL relies on the boost libraries, and you may need to tell it where these are. For example, to produce a statically linked qctool using boost libraries installed under /usr/local/, with the root of the boost header tree at /usr/local/boost-1_45/boost and libraries installed as /usr/local/lib/libboost_<library name>.so, you would use

$./waf-1.5.18 configure --static --boost-includes="/usr/local/boost-1_45" --boost-libs="/usr/local/lib"

This will produce a static binary.

Note: If you build boost from source, be sure to use the --layout=versioned option, i.e. ./b2 --layout-versioned install. Currently, waf has trouble finding the libraries if you don't specify this.