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qctool - README

Copyright 2009-2021 Gavin Band

This repository contains the source code for QCTOOL and a number of other command-line programs that manipulate gwas datasets and other genomic data. The repository is hosted at code.enkre.net and is also mirrored on github. The programs included are:

Obtaining QCTOOL

Basic instructions for obtaining and/or compiling this package can be found on the QCTOOL download page. For further information, see the wiki page on compiling QCTOOL.

Reporting issues

Issues should be reported on the issue tracker.


The QCTOOL package is copyright Gavin Band released under the Boost software license. QCTOOL uses code from 3rd party packages described below, that use their own licenses. These include the BSD License and the GNU General Public License. See the respective folders for these packages for details.


QCTOOL was written by Gavin Band, based on an initial design by Gavin Band and Jonathan Marchini.

Inthinnerator, HPTEST, LDBIRD and all other included software was written by Gavin Band.

QCTOOL gratefully makes use of functionality from the following projects:

Quang Si Le contributed an implementation of the VCF format used for testing.